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Thanks for checking out our website!  We really appreciate your support and business!

We offer custom butchering options for both 1/2 sides and 1/4 sides of beef.  We have predetermined butcher dates throughout the year.  Please complete the form below in the link and we’ll reach out to you with our upcoming availability.

We also offer some bulk packages and individual retail cuts for those interested in a speedier delivery options.

All our beef is butchered at a USDA approved facility, flash frozen and vacuum sealed packaged.

Our pricing includes delivery to you in the areas of Buffalo, Rochester and, of course, in the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania.  If you are local to our farm – let us know and we can give you a discount for pick-up!!

Order – Bulk Packages

Order – 1/4 or 1/2 Side of Beef

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Questions?  Send us an email at


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