How We Work

pexels-photo-65175.jpegWe offer 3 ordering options:

  • Option 1 – Retail Packages – We carry some inventory in our freezers and sell directly from that stock.  You pay per pound for finished weight of the meat, just like the grocery store.
    • Example:  Someone has a BBQ coming up and wants a Brisket and 8 Ribeye Steaks.  As long as we have it in our freezer, we can make that happen.  We charge per pound by the type of meat ordered.
    • Email us at
  • Option 2 – Butchered 1/4 or 1/2 Sides of Beef – We keep some 1/4 and 1/2 sides of beef in our freezers in case someone doesn’t want to wait for the next butcher date or doesn’t have specific requests.
    • We sell them at our “hanging weight” bulk price (see below about “hanging weight vs. cut weight”), but they are pre-built based on what we have available.
    • Contact us and we can send you a few options of what we have in stock.  This option is faster and still get the lower pricing but you may be limited to what we have.
    • Email us at
  • Option 3 – Order Custom Butcher 1/4 or 1/2 side of beef.
    • This is our lowest cost option per pound.  Obviously, it’s cheaper for us and for you to buy in larger quantities.
    • We have butcher dates every few months so if you’d like specific butcher options and certain type of cuts (ie: T-Bone Steaks vs. NY Strip Steaks or certain types of roasts, etc.).
    • May have to wait 8-12 weeks depending on the dates.
    • PLEASE don’t be intimidated by the custom butcher aspect, it’s very easy to walk through on the phone and we’ll gladly fill it out with you!
    • Here is a PDF on Beef Cuts
    • Fill Out our Form at

Hanging Weight vs. Cut Weight

Like all other farms, we sell by the hanging weight of the animal because we are charged by the butcher by the hanging weight.  Hanging weight is the weight of the animal before they start butchering.

So what is the difference between Hanging Weight and Finished Cut Weight (your finished package)?  A cow weighs 750 lbs or similar, how could a quarter of it only be 115 lbs in your freezer?

We want to have you understand before you make your purchase.

“Hanging weight” refers to the slab of meat before it is cut up and processed. After it has cured (ages) for a couple of weeks, the butcher will trim the meat, and package it up for you. The end result is “cut meat”, which due to the trimming, is a much smaller piece of meat than you started with.

This means that when you calculate the end result with the price per pound that you paid, it will end up being more per pound.  Plus, this includes pot roast, round roast, london broil, chuck roast, sirloin steaks, sirloin tip roast, ribeye steaks, t-bone steaks, and short ribs. Not to mention ground beef, minute steaks, and some soup bones.”

  • ½ Cow Hanging weights are approximately 300-400 lbs.
  • Our butcher does a 7-14 day aging process which intensifies flavor
  • Finished take-home cuts average approximately 60-65% of the hanging weight
  • Our meat is from animals that are grass-fed with no antibiotics or growth hormones
  • Price includes cost of beef, custom cutting, packaging and delivery to the Rochester and Buffalo areas.
  • Butcher Date, Pricing and Final Cost will be confirmed prior to delivery


All our meat is butchered at USDA approved facility and comes in vacuum sealed packaging with 1 year freshness dates.


It’s included in our price!!  Our farm is located in Towanda PA, but we have family living in Rochester and Buffalo that travel back and forth routinely!

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