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Twin Ponds Market - 2601 Crayton Rd Monroeton, PA 18832


Welcome to Ala-Bob Farm Backyard Beef. We are a family run beef farm that uses no growth hormones or antibiotics in the raising of our grass-fed and pasture-grazed cattle. We are located in the Bradford County Pa area serving customers north to Rochester, NY, west to Buffalo, NY and all areas in between.


Nestled in the endless mountains region of northeast Pennsylvania, our farm has been owned and operated by the Selleck family for 7 generations. All our animals are hand-raised from birth to harvest, and receive individual attention on a daily basis. Our herd of Black Angus, Red Angus, and Herefords is nurtured alongside a small Holstein dairy operation, a growing herd of goats, some jumpy piglets and a friendly cat. By personally caring for each animal as an individual, we can eliminate unnecessary use of preventative antibiotics, and by growing over 98% of the feed right here on the farm, we are able to avoid unwanted chemicals, as well. We believe that healthy, happy animals produce a higher quality meat and deliver peace of mind for the thoughtful consumer. Providing a high standard of quality of life for our animals may take a lot of time and effort, but here at Ala-Bob, it’s just another day on the farm.


Contact us at or on Facebook @alabobbackyardbeef


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