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The sign says it all!  Ala-Bob Farm has been around a long time, 143 years to be exact.  We take a lot of pride and joy in the fact that we’ve maintained the high quality, small family run farm for 7 generations.

Ala-Bob Farm was originally purchased on December 1, 1875 by Abel Selleck and has been passed down through the family since that point.    Over the generations, it has evolved and changed with the different needs and demands of the times.  Currently, Jeff Selleck runs the all natural beef operation on the farm and takes personal pride in maintaining the quality of product and history of the farm.  We have a tight family structure with sons, daughters, nieces and nephews that living in the Northern Pennsylvania and Western New York area.  This network allows us to deliver our meat throughout the area for little or no cost.

Our heritage is important to us.  Here are some of our family historical documents from over the years.  Enjoy!

Family History

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Ala-Bob Farm
276 Selleck Road
Towanda, Pa 18848
(570) 265-9296


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