During a time when grocery stores are filled with meat produced on massive commercial farms, Ala-Bob Farm is offering an alternative. Nestled in the endless mountains region of northeast Pennsylvania, our farm has been owned and operated by the Selleck family for 7 generations. All our animals are hand-raised from birth to harvest, and receive individual attention on a daily basis. Our herd of Black Angus, Red Angus, and Herefords is nurtured alongside a small Holstein dairy operation, a growing herd of goats, a friendly cat, and a grumpy duck. By personally caring for each animal as an individual, we can eliminate unnecessary use of preventative antibiotics, and by growing over 98% of the feed right here on the farm, we are able to avoid unwanted chemicals, as well. We believe that healthy, happy animals produce a higher quality meat and deliver peace of mind for the thoughtful consumer. Providing a high standard of quality of life for our animals may take a lot of time and effort, but here at Ala-Bob, it’s just another day on the farm.


The Selleck Family


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